August 17, 2017


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G.F. Swift 1855 Black Angus Beef“1855 strives to be the pre-eminent source for excellence in steak. This is a journey that began with our founder Gustavus F. Swift back in 1855, and is a journey that we continue with today.”

Aspen Ridge Natural Beef“The Aspen Ridge™ brand originated by first examining the entire process of raising cattle. Then, we employed best practices at each step in order to produce the finest, most wholesome beef. All Aspen Ridge™ cattle are fed exclusively at our feedlot in Kersey, CO. We produce a specially formulated, vegetarian based diet on site to ensure control and consistency. Our staff uses humane handling practices to create a low stress environment. Being located in Colorado, we enjoy an ideal climate with low humidity, which is optimal for feeding high quality cattle. Our unique approach of having one feedlot, choosing a specific geographic location and producing our own feed results in assured consistency that is difficult to replicate.”

Colorado Mills Sunflower Oil“Colorado Mills Sunflower Oil is naturally extracted from High Oleic sunflower seeds in South Eastern Colorado. This is a totally Colorado Product, from processing to labeling. This oils is perfect for Sautéing, Frying, Baking, and making your favorite salad or dipping oil. The all natural extraction process uses NO solvents in removing the oil from the seeds. We extract the oil by pressing and crushing the seeds. We do not winterize our oil after refining which leaves the natural sunflower was in the oil. This leaves the oil in its more natural state and does not affect the cooking quality of the oil. By leaving the natural waxes in the oil we are able to achieve 3X the Vitamin E levels of olive oil! High Oleic Sunflower Oil is developed through standard breeding techniques and therefore naturally NON-GMO. High Oleic Sunflower Oil outshines all other oils, including Olive Oil, for culinary use by providing optimal health benefits, a clean light taste, and performance, while remaining trans fat free. High Oleic Sunflower Oil works extremely well in commercial cooking and frying with a smoke point of greater then 450 degrees. Additionally, the natural high stability of High Oleic Sunflower Oil enhances product fry-life and shelf-life.”

Cozy Cow Dairy“Cozy Cow Dairy is a locally-owned and operated farmstead dairy and creamery. We are located in the Front Range of Colorado, where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains, about an hour north of Denver. Visitors to Cozy Cow can see how cows are milked and how their milk is processed.  You can buy and enjoy the products we make on-site while you watch us work! We bottle milk, make ice cream, and produce many types of cheeses. We are the only source for fresh cheese curds in the Front Range.”

C&R Farms“C & R Farms is family owned and operated orchard that is nestled below the Grand Mesa near the quite town of Palisade on the Western Slope of Colorado. Our unique location allows us to grow some of the best tasting fruit in the industry! C&R Farms sells numerous varieties of fruit including Peaches, Cherries, Apricots, Apples, and Pears. Our fruit is tree ripened, handpicked and hand packed to ensure maximum flavor and appearance. This process allows the fruit to naturally ripen and gain optimum flavor while still on the tree.”

Fossil Creek Farms“Fossil Creek Farms is a certified organic farm growing a wide variety of crops. As stewards of the land, Fossil Creek Farms is also committed to growing our crops in an environmentally friendly way without the use of chemicals. Our farm is located just minutes from Fort Collins, Loveland, or Windsor on the edge of Fossil Creek Reservoir. We welcome you to come visit the farm and check us out.”

Great Range Brand Bison“Great Range Brand Bison is produced and distributed by Rocky Mountain Natural Meats. Rocky Mountain Natural Meats started in 1986 as a small meat distributor devoted solely to bison. From the beginning, our focus was to provide high quality bison meat and great service to grocers, distributors and restaurants nationwide. An in-house grading system was developed to guarantee premium quality and consistency to the end user – this became the Great Range Bison brand.”

Hazel Dell Mushrooms“Colorado’s Exotic Mushroom Farm.  At Hazel Dell, we grow our mushrooms on hardwood sawdust and mimick indoors what happens in nature. It takes about 1-2 weeks in our harvest rooms for the mushrooms to develop and they are then picked and sorted by trained harvesters. Because we use pure cultures of mycelium, we only get the mushrooms we are trying to grow. Think of the change from a dry summer to a wet fall and that’s what our farm is. Except that it is all done indoors under sterile conditions which creates consistent year round production of our wonderful mushrooms.”

Ice Cream Alchemy“Our ice creams and sorbets are handcrafted with the discerning chef in mind. We keep our ingredients simple to capture the true essence of quality. Our natural ice cream begins with milk, cream, eggs and sugar – no fillers or synthetic emulsifiers. We then enrich our products with real fruit, nuts, exquisite cocoas, premium liqueurs, spices, and quality coffees. Simply put, we are in business to enhance your business. Our ice cream and sorbets provide a gourmet accent to complement your culinary masterpieces.”

Jackie’s Java Coffee“Jackie uses top quality, and a slow roasting process to create her smooth tasting coffees. Jackie uses a technique; “Post-Roast Blending” to extract more flavor out of her coffee. This means that specialty coffees from Jackie’s Java are blended after the roasting process, and not before. Post-Roast Blending is important because coffee beans from different regions of the world have different moisture contents and densities. To extract the optimal flavor, each type of coffee must be roasted separately before being blended, to create a unique and full-flavored coffee. Most coffee roasters roast upwards of 100 lbs per batch, which means they’re forced to mix the beans and then roast them all together. Jackie’s commitment to small, slow roasted batches and Post-Roast Blending makes Jackie’s Java distinctively different.”

Little City Greens“Little City Greens is a local, sustainable producer growing high-quality, gourmet microgreens. Only blocks from Old Town Fort Collins, Little City Greens will grow and distribute to a select number of chefs and businesses. Little City Greens offers the highest quality microgreens while creating robust relationships with chefs and kitchens; enabling local restaurants to expand their menu offerings while supporting a locally-owned agricultural business. LCG is owned and operated by Ariel Chesnutt.  Ariel has farmed and grown in Colorado for five years, two of which she acted as Director of Production for Feed Denver: Urban Farms and Markets.  In 2011, Ariel trained with Will Allen and staff at Growing Power in Milwaukee where she focused on food production in urban structures, microgreen production, large scale composting and aquaponics.  Inspired by Growing Power’s work in aquaponics, Ariel went to the island of St. Croix to learn and train on the longest operating aquaponic system at the University of the Virgin Islands. In addition to this experience, Ariel has workshopped with Eliott Coleman and Joel Salatin. These experiences solidified Ariel’s commitment to continue working in sustainable agriculture and provided her with the knowledge and skills to develop her own agricultural business.”

LoCo Food Distribution“LoCo Food Distribution delivers locally grown and locally processed foods to restaurants, grocery stores, caterers and institutions along the Front Range. Our team works hard to make the connections between producers and wholesale purchasers, so that producers can do what they do best – produce exceptional food! And our customers can do what they do best – make and sell amazing food!” Long Family Farms“Long Family Farms is a true family-run farm in Eaton, Colorado. Now in our 50th year, we provide some of the best-tasting, highest quality pork you’ll find. Our animals are raised outdoors on wheat, millet and soybean meal, and are never fed hormones or antibiotics. The taste alone will bring you back time after time!”

Morning Fresh Dairy“Morning Fresh Dairy is family owned and has been operating in the same location since 1894.”

MouCo Cheese“After spending some time home cheesing it became obvious the quality and consistency for a premium brand line of cheese would be possible, and fun. And so they moved on….Birgit and Robert both left the brewing Industry world and incorporated the MouCo Cheese Company on July 7th of 2000. A year of planning and child raising proceeded the opening of our artisan cheesery, located in Fort Collins, Colorado. The first sale was June 6th, 2001 to Beavers Market, a small local market in Fort Collins.”

Old Town Spice Shop-“The Old Town Spice Shop and the Godbey family want to invite everyone to taste the difference that fresh spices, blends, seasoning, teas and other products can make in your life. Because this is our business we can ensure the highest quality spices, blends, salts, sugars, extracts, peppers and teas in the country. We fresh grind many of the spices ourselves, making them fresher than you can get at even many other spice shops. Our large variety of products allows us to serve everyone, from the person that says they can’t cook to gourmet chefs.”

Rabbit Shadow Greenhouse“We are proud to be family owned and operated. Our garden center is located in Loveland, Colorado, a small town with a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains and a special, local charm.  From here, the entire Rabbit Shadow team is proud to provide what we like to refer to as a “boutique” gardening experience for our local customers.  With nearly 200 kinds of herbs and a wide selection of blooming plants, hanging baskets, containers and gift items, the greenhouse is a haven for gardeners.”

Spring Kite Farm“Spring Kite Farm is located in southwest Fort Collins. Our big red barn on Taft Hill Rd, just south of Drake, is easily recognizable.  Part of a historic homestead in the 1890’s, the property was farmed by a talented local stonemason and hobby farmer from the 1970s until just a few years ago.  In 2012, Meghan and Michael leased the 5-acre property and converted one acre into an organic and biodynamic vegetable and CSA farm. 

By utilizing biodynamic and organic growing practices, Meghan and Michael are slowly and deliberately building a resilient food production system.  While the farm is not USDA certified Organic, absolutely no synthetic fertilizers or chemicals are used.  (And last year we didn’t even use organic pesticides!) Cultural practices, crop rotation, biological control, and inter-planting reduce crop losses from disease and pest pressures.”

Victory Hill Goat Cheese“Victory Hill Farm is a small family-owned and operated Grade A Goat Dairy Farm and cheesemaking operation in western Nebraska.  Our mission is to grow, produce and sell locally the finest earth-friendly farm products, specializing in farmstead artisan goat cheese. These fresh and aged cheeses are  handmade in small quantities using only milk from the herd of goats located on this farm.”